Because of its superior roll size xTape, the space needed to warehouse the tape can be reduced by over 65%. This not only optimises space in your warehouse but has a positive impact on the environment as well, as less packaging is needed.


You can be assured of the most competitive prices in the marketplace and along with some of the most knowledgeable staff in the industry today, giving your company the Extra edge on the competition. Giving you added value for money! Plus as an added bonus we are giving away a free xTape dispenser with every customers 1st order with us.

Don’t forget you are covered by our PRICE PROMISE!

  • 50mm x 150m per roll
  • A massive  3.5 miles of xTape per box!
  • Over 27 million metres in stock!
  • Plain, custom printed, and standard texts available.
  • large size means xTape roll needs to be changed less often (less man hours).
  • This big tape takes up to 65% LESS space than conventional tape.
  • xTape is highly resistant to the cold so is excellent for cold storage.
  • xTape is suitable for a variety of surfaces for your convenience.
  • Works with a xTape Dispenser for noise-reduced tape dispensing (free with 1st order).


In order to make full use of xTape, you’ll need an xTape Dispenser. This dispenser not only allows the xTape to be applied smoothly and efficiently but it has been specially designed to REDUCE noise to optimise your working environment. We include a free xTape dispenser with every first order.

Call one of our dedicated sales staff today to discuss your requirements, your waste management team should be specifying this type of roll for most jobs if not now but in the near future!
We are sure in the coming years this type of roll will become the industry standard, don’t be one of the last to embrace this new technology and contribute towards a more eco friendly packaging solution for all!  There are far too many benefits to ignore.
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